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Scout Programs

For more than 20 years, the Iron Hill Museum & Science Center has offered Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout programs throughout the year. 

Our grounds and the nearby New Castle County Iron Hill Park are ideal for explorative programs that are nature based. Lesson plans have been tailored to take advantage of the biodiversity, wildlife, and terrain of the Iron Hill Park. All programs include hands-on activities and time outside.

* If there are badges and/or specific individual requirements Troop leaders are looking to fulfill that are not listed here, please contact us for further assistance. We may be able to accommodate your request. *

Cub Scout Programs

Please contact our Director, Maureen Zieber, at 302-368-5703 or for more information or questions. Price is $8 per scout. If you have less than 10 scouts, we do charge a base price of $80.


Tiger Cub

  • Backyard Jungle *Program does not include the building a birdhouse. However, we do provide “how to” plans.

  • Tigers in the Wild *Program does not include having a campfire or conducting skits/songs with scouts.


Wolf Cub

  • Paws on the Path

  • Air of the Wolf 

  • Digging *Program does not provide edible fossils for everyone. 

  • Finding Your Way *Program does not provide nutritious snack or help locate where the snack came from on a map with scouts. 


Bear Cub

  • Fur, Feathers, and Ferns *Program does not include the planting of a vegetable/herb garden with scouts. We do visit the garden spaces here at the Science Center.



  • Webelos Walkabout

  • Earth Rocks!

  • Into the Wild *We are able to fulfill numbers 1, 4, 6, 7, & 9. We are able to cover 5 & 8, but they are dependent on the season.

  • Into the Woods *Program does not plant a plant with scouts. We do discuss how to plant a plant and care for it.

Boy Scout Programs

The Iron Hill Merit Badge Center has been our Merit Badge hub now for over a decade. Each class is taught by a certified counselor, and some of the classes have guest specialists that will also take part. Our new schedules come out every July/August. 

We do help individual scouts finish merit badges as well. Please call ahead of time for availability. The merit badges we cover for individual coursework aide are: 

  • American Heritage

  • Archaeology

  • Bird Study

  • Environmental Science

  • Forestry

  • Geology

  • Indian Lore

  • Insect Study

  • Mammal Study

  • Nature

  • Reptile & Amphibian Study

  • Soil & Water

  • Sustainability


If you wish to sign up your whole troop for a Merit Badge on a different day than the schedule listing at Iron Hill Merit Badge Center, please contact the director at or 302-368-5703. Subjects and times are limited.

Girl Scout Programs

Iron Hill Museum & Science Center is pleased to offer programs to Girl Scouts for their nature related badges and patches. We have certified educators that are excited and prepared to present the programs and experimental requirements that are needed for each badge. 

Please contact our Director, Maureen Zieber, at 302-368-5703 or for more information or questions. Price is $8 per scout. If you have less than 10 scouts, we do charge a base price of $80.

The programs we offer are as follows:


  • Eco Learner

  • Outdoor Art Maker

  • Trail Adventure



  • Bugs

  • Hiker

  • Home Scientist

  • Outdoor Adventurer

  • Senses

  • Trail Adventure



  • Animal Habitats

  • Flowers

  • Playing the Past: School House Edition 

  • Playing the Past: Lenape Lifeways



  • Eco Trekker

  • Night Owl *Program does not include the meeting of people who work night hours, nor hosting an Extreme Nighttime Party.*

  • Trees


At times, Iron Hill Museum & Science Center sometimes partners with the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay. Please go to the GSA events page, and put in “Iron Hill” in the search bar to find all of the classes we teach onsite throughout the school year in that partnership. 

Hummingbird Moth pollinating Milkweed Plant

Photo by Maureen Zieber

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