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Pollinator Garden Project

Nature News: Spotted Lantern Fly

Save our Pollinators, Save our World!

Help us bring back our disappearing pollinators! Due to loss of habitat, chemical spraying, and changing agricultural practices, pollinators numbers have been reduced to dangerously now levels.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Select a garden area or container. Add loose soil.

2. Use the correct plants for your region. (Please see the list below on the plants we have used in our own Pollinator Garden, which is located in Newark, Delaware.) More images will be added as they become available for viewing in our garden.


If you would like to buy plants from us (seeds are a future endeavor), contact us at or 302-368-5703. All proceeds from the plant sales goes to the upkeep of the gardens here at Iron Hill Museum & Science Center

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